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: The Holloway Park is the legacy of Mary Ann and Ed Holloway. In 2010 they decided to preserve these lands in perpetuity and formed the Holloway Park Foundation, Inc. to hold title to and manage the property. This is a 501(c) 3 corporation approved by the IRS as a charitable foundation. Income and donations to this corporation are tax exempt. All income to the corporation , regardless of the source, (donations and/or event income) goes directly for operating expenses or capital improvements to the park. All officers and directors serve voluntarily and without pay.

In 2012 there were 3 individuals that were instrumental in development of the property into a cross country track namely Paul White, Laura Frederickson, and Jason Byrne.  In the spring of 2012 these three individuals inspected the park,  came up with the initial plan which included the tent city area & the start line.  The first cross country races were held in September of that year and proved be very popular with cross country runners.

At the present time there are 362 acres in the park, most of which has been mined for phosphate.

The Park has been under development since it’s formation in October 2010. With the passage of time it became apparent to the Holloway’s that there was a real need in Lakeland for a park that could attract large events (such as large cross country events) and other large outdoor events. The Park is centrally located in the center of the state, has good access, and can easily handle parking for 1500-1800 cars.

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