Holloway Park Nature Preserve

Holloway Park, located in Central Florida, is the legacy of Mary Ann and Edward Holloway, who were long-time residents of the local area. In 2010, the couple decided to preserve our lands in perpetuity. The property had been mined prior to 1950 and was left in a rugged state with a series of ridges and valleys.

Nature soon took its course. With time, many seeds left behind grew into trees and shrubs, which returned the land to a more natural state. During this process, many pioneer species, both native and invasive, became established and all began competing for the same resources. Today, the land hosts a variety of plants, trees, and shrubs that provide food and shelter to a variety of unique wildlife.To preserve the quality of these ecosystems, conservation projects are being put into place, which includes vegetation restoration, nest box installations, as well as shoreline improvements for wading birds. Our goal is to improve the biodiversity of the site while providing a safe haven for all wildlife.

An “Urban” Nature Park

As Lakeland becomes increasingly urban, the need for nature in the city becomes even more critical. Being able to connect other natural areas within the city is very important to accommodate Florida’s dynamic wildlife.These natural areas help in alleviating the pressures imposed by development and encroachment. Plants and animals find resources here that allow them to provide biological services that are needed for their survival. Trees contribute by producing oxygen and by improving air quality.Our many trees also preserve the soil and support the local wildlife. The wildlife helps in maintaining the balance of living ecosystems, ensuring biodiversity and a healthy environment.

“Go Wild” and Explore Our All-Natural Wildlife Trails!

Holloway Park is also a multipurpose recreational site that is open for nature enthusiasts to explore and enjoy Florida’s natural treasures.

“Wild” Things To Do

Holloway Park offers endless opportunities for nature lovers. You can hike, jog, bird watch, take photos and walk your dog along the beautiful and scenic trails. As we improve our facilities, we may add other outdoor activities to bring you closer to nature. In the meantime, we do have interpretive signs along the trail system for your convenience.