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The Holloway Park is the legacy of Mary Ann and Edward Holloway, long-time residents of the City of Lakeland. In 2010, the Holloways’ former owners of the lands now known as “Holloway Park”, decided to preserve these lands in perpetuity. The property had been mined prior to 1950 and was left in a rugged state with lots of ridges and valleys.

Nature took its course and with time, many seeds left behind grew into trees and shrubs, bringing the land back to a more natural state. In the process, many pioneer species, some native, others invasive, also became established, all competing for the same resources. Today the land hosts a variety of plants, trees and shrubs that provide food and shelter to a variety of wildlife.

In order to improve the quality of these ecosystems, conservation projects are being implemented, including native vegetation restoration, nest box installations and shoreline improvements for wading birds, all in an effort to improve the biodiversity of the site and to provide a safe haven for wildlife.

Holloway Park is a multipurpose recreational site, offering cross-country trails for races, but also open for nature enthusiasts to explore and enjoy Florida’s natural treasures.

Nature’s Hidden Secrets

While degraded ecosystems are not as productive as their pristine counterparts, they still provide some essential functions for wildlife. As you walk these trails you will encounter birds, insects and a variety of reptiles. If you look carefully you may be able to spot a bobcat or a coyote. These mammals are mostly nocturnal, but they let their presence be known with fresh tracks on the trails.

A watchful eye on the trails will reveal a number of insects in the vegetation, or a spider covered in dew. Butterflies can be seen basking on vegetation exposed to the sun in the early morning, and frogs can be found hanging on to the vegetation near the water or singing high in the trees.

Several species of birds live and nest in the preserve including Northern Cardinals, Eastern Meadowlarks, Red-tailed Hawks and even a pair of Bald Eagles. Migratory birds can be seen along the wooded areas of the east trail during fall and spring migration. The resident Sandhill Cranes raise their chicks every year on the shores of Lake Ann.

An Urban Nature Park

As Lakeland becomes increasingly urban, the need for nature in the city becomes more critical. Being able to connect other natural areas within the city is very important to accommodate Florida’s dynamic wildlife. These natural areas help in alleviating the pressures imposed by development and encroachment. Plants and animals find resources here that allow them to provide biological services needed for our own survival. Trees contribute by producing oxygen, improving air quality, preserving soil and supporting wildlife. Wildlife helps in maintaining the balance of living ecosystems, ensuring biodiversity and healthy environments.

Partnership with conservation and educational
organizations will provide further assistance and support as we continue to improve the property for both its wild residents and its human visitors.

Things to Do

Holloway Park offers endless opportunities for the nature lover. Hiking, jogging, bird watching and photography are among the most common activities. As we improve our facilities we may add other
outdoor activities that bring you closer to nature. In the meantime we do have interpretive signs along the trail system
for self-guided tours and offer guided tours on a regular basis.

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