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Holloway Park Cross Country Trails

At Holloway Park in Lakeland, Florida, we offer four unique opportunities for cross-country events, plus the addition of a half marathon course. Each trail sports a wide start line that measures over 300 feet and is designed from start to finish to provide you with a cross-country running experience you won’t soon forget.

Cross country and other running enthusiasts love our trails because of the changes in elevation and partially covered trails. Visit our all-natural park and nature preserve today and get ready to “Run Wild” like never before.

This short course takes you through beautiful viewing areas from the front of the park. Spectators can stand at the finish and see the children’s race unfold in front of their eyes. Also, this can be used specifically for efficient 1k workouts.

This course combines much of the 1k loop while also tying in with the roller coaster hills and finish from the 3k and 5k loops. Although commonly used for junior races, come out and try a fantastic 2k workout today!

Tent City is a 5-acre running trail that ventures slightly uphill and along a high ridge for approximately 1700 feet. All of the trails are mowed and maintained for a width of 15 feet.

At the ¾ mile mark, you will notice a tree-lined spectator ridge on the left-hand side that is parallel to the trail. The trail continues until the 1-mile marker, then turns right and runs along the south portion of another spectator ridge.

At the 1.5-mile marker, the 3K trail makes a slight U-turn, whereby you will find yourself on the home stretch on the north side of the tree-lined spectator ridge that leads to the finish line.

All of our cross-country trails use this shady return trail to the finish line in full view of all spectators.


Our 5k course is designed for those who love beautiful scenery and plenty of twists, turns, and hills. Considered one of Florida’s best natural marathon race courses, you are sure to find our 5k cross-country trail exhilarating and exciting. The trail is ideal for walking, taking a morning or evening jog, or for participating in one of our 5k races. Check our calendar for upcoming events.

If you’re up for a challenge, we invite you to try our 8k course, which is lined with all-natural beauty. This trail is designed to make your running experience fun, exciting, and challenging. Try the course today.

For the ultimate challenge, prepare to “Run Wild” on our 10km trail that is designed for all types of running enthusiasts. With shaded trails, natural beauty, and all the twists and turns you crave, this is one running experience you won’t want to pass up.